Bespoke Training Design 

Sam Lee describes how we add value by creating bespoke training for organisations.

At Integra Aerospace,

We specialise in working with maintenance organisations in two main ways:

1.   To develop and deliver tailored compliance training – using a blend of both online and classroom sessions (in person or through live virtual classroom).

2.   To create bespoke competency-based training that is unique to that organisation.

Over the past few years we, Integra Aerospace, have become known in the industry for designing and delivering bespoke competency-based and compliance training courses.

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Courses we've created include

  • Safety Leadership
  • Standards and Expectations (Best Seller)
  • Fatigue Management
  • Human Factors Initial
  • Human Factors Continuation
  • Independent Inspection
  • Deferring Defects
  • CAME Awareness

Blended learning competency-based training

We don’t just provide blended learning – we live and breathe it. The method of uniquely blending together both the online training and classroom environments is what we do.


Benefits included:

  • Eradicate the need for endless PowerPoint slides
  • Acknowledge that course participants generally have wide ranging experience and take this into account
  • Use video and film to deliver instruction
  • Make more efficient use of face-face classroom time for discussions and skill-based activities
  • Deliver the knowledge content anywhere, at any time and on any device
  • Save money

Some Extra information...

Here is some more information on our approach to designing courses

Human Factors

We believe that human factors training is critical to understanding our individual role in minimising the potential for error in our workplaces. We also believe that typical human factors training does little to really make a difference.


This is why we aim to not only meet compliance, but to primarily focus on the human factors that individuals experience daily and provide them with tools to minimalise these for themselves.

For Part 145 maintenance organisations, we have three main tailored options of delivery:

  1. Classroom-based

  2. eLearning

  3. CHF +, Continuous Human Factors, an innovative, subscription-based program


An Innovative Approach to Human Factors

Continuous Human Factors, known as CHF+, is a 24-month program that delivers bespoke blended training to your door every 6 months in bitesize chunks at the cost of a coffee per person per month!

Classroom Training

We are big fans of delivering training in the classroom which is the perfect environment for activity-based training and discussions.

Our classroom-based training sessions are rarely PowerPoint driven, and we focus a lot of time creating training that will engage and lead to a high level of interaction.

We are leaders in creating great classroom training for any compliance or competency-based requirements you may have.


If you have your own LMS or VLE (virtual learning environment) and would prefer an eLearning package that is created specifically for your organisation to host then we can design, develop and deliver a SCORM compliant training package for you to host and manage.


We believe that video is a fantastic way to deliver training and a large part of the eLearning courses we create will be either instructional or dramatised film that we create specifically for your course.

The benefit of this is that, at the front or our minds, it is designed for your organisation considering the specific needs and requirements that you may have.

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