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Human Factors Continuation

All of us are affected by human factors every day. It is very important that we recognise the human factors that directly influence our thoughts and actions in order to be able to minimise their effects on our lives.

In this course you will meet, George, Elisabeth, and Jeremiah. They work for Just-Fix-It Aviation. Jeremiah is a contractor and has a different set of circumstances to deal with than George and Elisabeth.

This course has been designed to offer you a fresh perspective of aviation maintenance human factors and will encourage you to evaluate the human factors that are specific to you right now. This course will help you to make positive changes to those things within your influence and ultimately help you to become more self-aware and minimise the risk of making an error.

Important note: This course will take you approx' 5-6 hrs to complete and is NOT a 'tick-in-the-box' course - so please allow the time to get the most value out of it. (Meets the intent of Part 145)

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